Please be aware of the following re-homing conditions which are applicable when you adopt a dog:

As of April 2016 all dogs in Scotland must be microchipped.

Adoption Conditions

  1. I undertake to house the aforementioned dog indoors or in accommodation approved by B.A.R.R.K..
  2. I undertake to provide veterinary care for the aforementioned dog in the event of illness or accident and annual vaccination/inoculation as advised by a veterinary surgeon.
  3. I agree to be a responsible dog adopter and at no time shall I allow the aforementioned dog to roam free off the lead unless being exercised in open space under my supervision and control.
  4. I agree that the aforementioned dog will wear a collar and identity disc showing my name, address and/or telephone number whilst outdoors.
  5. I agree that I will not allow the aforementioned dog to be used for breeding purposes.
  6. If the aforementioned dog is lost or stolen, I undertake to inform B.A.R.R.K immediately.
  7. If for any reason and at any time I am unable to care for the aforementioned dog, I agree that I will not under any circumstances pass the animal into other hands and will return it to B.A.R.R.K. for rehoming.
  8. I agree that I will not have the aforementioned dog destroyed without the express permission of B.A.R.R.K. unless in a Veterinary Surgeon’s opinion such action is required on medical grounds (in which case a certificate must be obtained)
  9. I agree to permit an authorised member of B.A.R.R.K. to access my property at any time without prior arrangement to ensure that the aforementioned dog is happy, settled and cared for. After such a visit, if in the opinion of the B.A.R.R.K. representative the terms of this agreement are not being reasonably adhered to, I agree that the aforementioned dog can be repossessed without objection/obstruction.
  10. I understand that B.A.R.R.K. cannot be held responsible for the aforementioned dog falling ill subsequent to being rehomed.
  11. In the unlikely occurrence that the aforementioned dog is in pup, I agree that the litter of puppies will be returned to B.A.R.R.K. for Rehoming or rehomed with permission from B.A.R.R.K.
  12. I agree to inform B.A.R.R.K. of a change of address.
  13. I understand that all monies given to B.A.R.R.K. in the way of adopting is in the form of a donation and is non-refundable.

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