Success Stories

Below are a list of success stories.


Millie(Beetroot)1 Millie(Beetroot)2 (2) Millie(Beetroot) (3) 

Thought I would send you the latest about Millie (beetroot) she’s doing fine great with me and comes back when I call her she is still a wee bit wary with John fine when he is sitting down or lying in bed she will let him clap her and get a cuddle, but when he is standing up she is a bit on the defensive. We had her to Orkney for a holiday and she was great in the car and we were beside an old airfield and we let her off the lead what a great time she had I don’t know if she has been let off to run free and she always came back when I whistled. She still tends to bark a bit at people and other dogs but I am thinking of taking her to a Training place.

Do tell her last owner she has really settled down and is getting lots of cuddles and plays a lot with her new soft toys ted, squirrel and hedgehog. I take her over to my Mum and she enjoys getting a treat.

Thank you for letting us have Millie, we both love her to bits.

Iris & John


 Buddy 1 Buddy 1 Buddy 5 Buddy 4

Hello just wanted to send a few photos of Buddy settling into his new life. He is a busy boy and a local celebrity because of his African wild dog / Hyena looks but his lovable and gentle personality.

Everyone loves this handsome boy.

Cameron and Lynne


Sparky - 19 February 2001 - 22 May 2016


We re-homed Sparky, (a whippet x collie) from you back in February 2003, he was just shy of 2 years old and hadn’t had the most secure start to his life, bless him. When we were introduced to him, it was love at first sight, he just came bounding out with so much love that we just had to take him there and then, (which we could as Barrk had already done their home check). We had another dog, Bonnie, (a lab x springer spaniel) and after a few minor teething problems over bed space, (he wanted to share, she didn’t) they became the very best of friends until she passed away in February 2012, she even let Sparky share her bed for the last few months of her life!

Later that year, we welcomed a new friend, Cocoa (a springer spaniel x cocker spaniel) unfortunately it wasn’t a match made in heaven, they both got grumpy when in each others space but were fine when out and about so it just meant supervision in the home, not the easiest of situations, long term, but you fall for these dogs so quickly that giving Cocoa up just wasn’t an option, (obviously Sparky’s status as a long time resident was never in question!) luckily Cocoa was crate trained so on the odd occasions they were left together, they were both safe. They did finally develop a mutual respect for each other and even managed the odd cuddle! Sparky was the most gentle boy ever, a real gent, he loved everyone and everything and loved going out with us in the car, he always had to stand to see where we were going, he hardly ever sat/laid down whether we were going a few miles or a few hundred miles! He was one of a kind, we’d never known a dog preen themselves as much as he did either, I’m sure he thought he was a cat sometimes!! For the last 6.5 years he lived by the beach, he had been afraid of the water initially, (or maybe his dislike of water was because of his ‘feline’ tendencies?) but his pal Bonnie really helped him gain confidence and he ended up enjoying going for a paddle, sometimes a bit more, in the end. He became best friend to our three daughters, particularly to our youngest who was only 8.5 when we got him, they were totally inseparable, it broke her heart having to leave him when she went away to university! Sadly in June 2015, he was diagnosed with bone cancer, given his age it was decided by us and the vet that palliative care was the best option for him and he was given a few months at the very most, but Sparky had other ideas and surprisingly made Christmas, and then his 15th birthday earlier this year. Sadly though, another blow came in April of this year that the cancer had possibly spread to his brain, but yet again he came back fighting and seemed to improve, the improvement was to be short-lived though and a few weeks later the fight became too much for him so the vet was called to our home to do that one last act of kindness, and in the arms of his favourite human, his ‘dad’, he was sent very peacefully on his way to Rainbow Bridge. His ashes will be mixed with Bonnie’s ashes and they will be scattered together on Hopeman Beach, a place they both loved, when our, now grown up children, can be home to say their final goodbyes as well.

We just wanted to thank you for allowing us to be Sparky’s family, he was the most loyal loving dog we could have ever wished for, this story barely touches on what a fabulous dog he was, how much he was loved and how truly heartbroken we all were when he had to leave us. We had an amazing 13 years with him and our only regret was not finding him as a puppy to have had that extra couple of years with him ourselves! We miss him every single day, our home just isn’t, and never will be, the same without our gorgeous boy!

Lorraine and Simon